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How to Crack Competitive Exams – Top Magical Tips

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How to Crack Competitive Exams - Top Magical Tips

For any candidate, How to crack competitive exams differently, one major hurdle is the same. Getting through the quantitative aptitude section. The predicament of the section being too difficult to solve is just a myth and your abilities are only bound by your fear. So all you need to do is, buckle up and get ready to put in some effort to outshine your fear.

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Every candidate looking for an opportunity and career in the field of bank,  has to go through the two main phases of evaluation i.e. preliminary and mains, followed by interviews. First phase, preliminary exam, is not that of a challenge as the mains. The main exam consist of four different section which evaluate the candidate on the basis of – Language, Reasoning abilities, Quantitative aptitude, Computer and General Knowledge Tests. It is an objective based ( multiple choice questions) test consisting of 200 marks and a duration of two hours. It also has negative marking for wrong answers.

That was all you need to know about the test. Now, here are some quick tips for how to crack Competitive Exams and shine in quantitative aptitude section.

Important Tips on How to Crack Competitive Exams

  • Make a master Plan-

The most important part of your preparation will be how you manage your time. Start making a layout of all the important topics and the time you will need to practice all of the required topics. Start as soon as possible and keep a track of your progress. Always make the strategies before going on rocks,this will really become the aid of yours. To plan and implement markup as the policy of your achievements.  Planning should consist of your each and every schedule of your doings.  You should maintain the time table so you can get the more than enough time for your competitive exams preparations, Yes ! planning is must.

  • Get the right books and teachers-

Along with the the efforts that you make, the direction of those efforts is also important. Get the right books and material which helps you with the preparations without going off the syllabus. A good mentor can also help you to learn from their experiences and avoid the mistakes most people make in these exams. GURU MANTRA is necessary in every  ones life to reach at himalays peak, be sure about your goal and focus with full concentration in the light of brighten stars yours gurus.

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  • Prioritize the topics according to their weightage-

Know what topics appear frequently in the exam and start with them. Practice the more often to have a probability of scoring good. You should score easily from these topics so prepare for these one and free to score high . Don’t get panic while preparing for these exams ,be mind free and burden free ,let have music in between then again start which will neutralize your brain  with heavy hectic schedule and enjoy your target don’t b so harsh with it. Sum up with all the topics don’t get confuse try from these topics and have good score. By focusing on these mentioned points you can also teach your mate’s on how to crack for competitive exams.

Study the following topics in detail:-

  1. Numerical system.
  2. Mean and average.
  3. Hcf and lcm.
  4. Unitary method.
  5. Time and work.
  • The more you practice,luckier you get..

The more you practice the more you will be familiar with the kind of different problems and more easier it would be to solve those problems. Work hard and don’t give up until you get it right. Again we are here where only we can help ourselves ,do the hard work it will obviously beat your competitors . make revision of your each and every subjects or we can say chapters so student is totally in known with chapters and it would not be difficult for the candidate to revise it, or we can say the candidate have the healthy  quick revision .

  • Try to Solve previous Exams papers and mock tests-

Get the experience of the actual test by solving mock test. It would keep you less nervous on the actual day and you will be familiar with the pattern of the exam. Obviously the candidate must have the idea how paper having questions at what level. Or I can say the candidate get the roughly idea that where he stand and how much he can score, or how much more he need to prepare. Solving papers built the ability of candidates . motivates the candidate . Candidates can simply rate himself from the other candiadats

  • Take a day off –

Every now and then your mind always needs some refreshment and you need to include that time in your master plan. Try to avoid pressure and anxiety. Studies have shown that if you are stressed you ought to perform less. Truth said you need to be fresh to  get fresh in your examinations . Take it as a challenge ,not as a pain , pain hurts you ,challenge keep you focus.

So here are some fruitful tips on how to crack competitive exams

All the Best Wishes for you Exams ! Smart Practice Makes the Man Perfect !

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