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Hidden Job Interview Skills – How To Brush Up 

Hidden Job Interview Skills : In Today’s generation every one want to live a luxurious  and tension free life where they don’t have to take tension about the future  job  ,for that they turn to the save sectors like IT sector and Government sectors .For entering in this field first candidate have to give some entrance test related to there field of interest .The test basically contains  the questions related to the  subjects like Mathematics , Chemistry, Physics  .It is a common misconception between many aspirants that quantitative aptitude test is the most “Difficult & uncrackable” section/part of the entrance  exam. Know more about your hidden job interview skills

Hidden Job Interview Skills - How To Brush Up

How to Shine your Hidden Job Interview Skills – Tips

For the students it is an insurmountable task .While I do not mean to say  that QA is an easy section. Many of the student  face many difficulties to crack the test or some of them find it quite impossible. I certainly do not understand the excessive hype and panic it creates amongst youngster . The truth is that a proper mindset, Positive attitude  and a bit of hard work can help them .There are some tips that will help the youngster to solve this issue regarding how to prepare for aptitude exam  in a easy and simple way .

If you fail to plan , you plan to fail

You must plan for the test before at least  5 months. By  planning you have   time to consume on the topic in which you are not so good . Give at least 2-3 hours every day  for each subject and mostly quantitative  aptitude. If some how you skip some day so complete you  topic at the end of the weak or by taking some extra time .but must complete it .

How to solve the quantitative aptitude

Many of the student  are not able to crack there tests because  they don’t know the  rite pattern of how to study or how to solve the QA .Some people are failed because the wrong selection of books .The books with difficult wordings ,unpredictable methods ,not fully explained  become the reason of the failure.

There are so many books regarding how to solve the quantitative problems . for CAT aspirants Arun Sharma and Quantum CAT are great books, PO aspirants do not need to delve into such depths of QA. Rather, you can practice from a book like Quantitative Aptitude by R.S. Aggarwal. It will help you in developing your skills and test your basics without getting into unnecessary details. These sites include many practice test papers. For more must  use the R.S. Aggarwal verbal and non-verbal reasoning book – it has plenty of questions to practice .simple lucid books like R.S.Yadav( QA)helps develop a clear understanding of the type of questions  a candidate have to face . If you have a clear knowledge about the topics like permutation combination , probability then  you will need to get fast with these topics . Take help from the person who have the depth knowledge about the topics should be your priority .Quant along with Data Interpretation should be practiced seriously daily. A grave error committed by students is the sense of complacency they develop after completing a chapter. Which turn as harmless.Practice makes perfect” was not said for nothing, ergo, be sure to revise the chapters once you have completed them and test your self .

when you complete a chapter then  take random questions from the chapter and  fix a timer and try to  solve them on the fixed time. By fixing the time will increase your speed. One more thing that a candidate should take in mind that there isn’t all the time in the world to complete the paper. In other words, speed is a necessity.

Hidden Job Interview Skills Stratagies

For  learning  tricks for the fast calculations  books and videos are freely available on the internet for a candidate’s use. Tricks like speedy calculations of cubes and cube roots, squares and square roots, as well as multiplications of large numbers are techniques that can come in extremely handy! Again, practice is key….!!!!

Start taking mock test and solving previous year question papers available on the sites .

Schedule your study plan like this

Scoring chapters: – start  by solving   chapters  whose questions are mostly appear in the exam  test paper .These  question are  expected to count huge marks.

  • Number Series
  • Percentage
  • Average
  • Ratio proportion
  • Simplification
  • Data interpretation

Time consuming Chapters:- some chapters are really consume time and really tricky so you have to  give more time to  solve them . star practicing these chapters . These chapters are so impotent which mean the selection and disqualification.

  • Sinplification
  • Percentage
  • Profit and loss.
  • Interest
  • Ratio proportion.
  • Ages
  • Time and work.
  • Data interpretation.

Some key points you have to keep in mind  by  solving  quantitative aptitude – Hidden Job Interview Skills

  • Always start solving easy questions. That will give you more time to solve tricky questions.
  • Don’t waste your time if you have confusion regarding the question.
  • Data interpretation is an easy and important chapter solve those quoins first .
  • Speed, very necessity.
  • Never spend more then 20 minutes in the quantitative aptitude.

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