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Difference Between MBA and PGDM Courses – Points you Should Know

Top difference between MBA and PGDM courses : MBA or PGDM..!!! A tough question. Right??

Here’s a answer for your every question !

Many candidates who want to make their career in management studies often ignore or aren’t aware of the difference between MBA (Master of Business Administration) and PGDM (Post Graduate program in Management) courses. This is only because of they haven’t discussed it properly. Although these both are the degrees in Business Management but there is a thin line between them that separates the nature of the two, especially since both of them are career oriented degrees.

In PGDM, Confusion starts when we see the term diploma in it. Many candidates think that it is a diploma course not a degree. It is something right to some extent. This course is named as PGDM because when an institute is not affiliated to any University then these institutes can’t offer MBA course’s.

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difference between MBA and PGDM

Main difference between MBA and PGDM you should be aware of

  1. Offered courses:-

The degree of MBA is offered only by Universities which are affiliated to the universities while PGDM is offered by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) approved institutions. However, accreditation by Association of Indian Universities (AIU) gives an institute’s PGDM equivalence to MBA. But it is to be kept in mind that 1 year PGDM course is not equivalent to MBA. Eg. Institute like NIMT can offer MBA degree. Institutes which are not affiliated with any university are known as autonomous.

  1. Imbalance in curriculum:-

Although both MBA and PGDM are Management courses and have huge similarities in their curriculum, but there is some slight difference between both the courses. MBA focuses more on theoretical aspects of management and is more exam – oriented while PGDM focuses on building soft skills and is industry – oriented. On other hand, PGDM prepares for the job market.

  1. Difference on basis of curriculum:-

Curriculum of PGDM is more flexible than MBA course. Although, PGDM offering institute doesn’t have to follow university rules and it is set free to change the curriculum and also change in business environment. In other words PGDM curriculum is not bounded by a particular university. On the other hand, it will take time to change the curriculum of MBA course because it is affiliated with university and also it will necessarily follow the university standards and guidelines. And also it is a slow process.

  1.  Imbalance in focus:-

MBA help in developing technical skills and knowledge of business while PGDM will help to prepare candidates for senior positions in industry. Therefore if you are looking for a career in challenging area of management, you should go for PGDM course.

  1. Affordable course:-

MBAs are more bearable as the fee is almost similar to university standard as compared to PGDM course.

So here are most common difference between MBA and PGDM. Choose the best career option which will lead you in better tomorrow.

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