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Digital Defense – Make In India 

Another New Part of Defense Has gone Digital which is named as  www.makeinindiadefence.com  launched by the union minister of defense to set an easy  simple  path and provide interference with the industries . This site is launched in 21 dec. 2015 , in New Delhi by  Union Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar. This site is created to  achieve  an ambiguous goal  creating a level playing field with more transparency in defense sector procurement. Development of the new site is for the accomplishment of some Major key points  which are Mentioned below :-

  • This new site is design for provides information related to all the procedural and policy issues relevant for defense manufacturing industry in the country
  • various aspects of the defense production involved with the Make in India campaign this website also provides the latest news and notification regarding this .
  • Main Motive of this Defense website is to provide the  information regarding  policies and  various program
  • This Website tells about each and every single information who is reading that is how it create an actual transparency between them.
  • By using this website it will become more helpful, As every individual can ask for any query or ask any questions and he/she will get the reply/answers within 3 working days

Union Defense Minister also finalized that in the month of January 2016 the new refurbished Defense Procurement Procedure (DPP) will be stated. The goal of new DPP is to improve defense procurement under Make in India initiative from the current 30 % to 40 % and raising it up to 70 % indigenization in the next five years.



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