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First of all, do not listen to other or follow others, always listen to your heart and step forward. This is the success  mantra of life.

Best Career Options after B.tech you should adopt


Options you can adopt after your B.TECH:-

1. CAMPUS RECRUITMENT: This is the first option you should adopt and it seems good that try to get selected in any company coming in your college for recruitment. You can develop yourself in the IT Sector.

2.HIGHER STUDIES:  If you want to increase your knowledge or have any interest in higher education, so you should go for MBA , MS OR M.TECH. start preparing for CAT , MAT , XAT, GATE, GRE etc. for best institutes like IIM’S. You will get good knowledge from these institutes and you will get great opportunities and will get highest package. Here you can only explore yourself.

3.GOVERNMENT SECTORS :After B.TECH, you can build up  your carrier in government sector too. Start preparing for various  government exams like PO, IAS, IPS , KPS, NAVY, ARMY, AIRFORCE and many more Bank exams.

4. TRAINING : After B.TECH, you can do 6 month training or 3 months training of your field like if you are a student of computer sciences ,  you can go for any language training like C ,C++ , HTML, JAVA,JAVASCRIPT,PHP,ANDROID,BIGDATA,IOS  etc. so that you can apply for walking interviews if you didn’t get placed in any on-campus placement.

5. BUILD OWN :You can start your own business or some company in the IT sector. But keep that thing in mind it is not that easy. It is the tough challenge of life, if you can accept the challenges , then you can build up your own business.

Have faith in you, no body can hold you down..!!

6. FLY TO ABROAD: After B.TECH, you can go to abroad for more learning & exposure. You can get lots of experiences there with better opportunities . you can further apply for INTERNATIONAL  companies after gaining experiences.

7. MODELING or ACTING CARRIER: After B.TECH, if you are bored from studies or jobs , then you can build up your carrier in modeling or acting. This is a coolest option and money making career option.

8.NON-TECHNICAL DEPARTMENT: Students who do not think that they can build their carriers in technical department or even they do not want to work with multi-national companies and they are interested in singing , dancing, photography, editing, writing etc. they can also go for non-technical streams.


“Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are while your reputation is merely what other things you are.” Source

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